Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Free Speech Questioned in Canada

Remember those Danish cartoons which depicted Mohammed which caused such a furor? It seems a Canadian magazine editor has gone through an interrogation from a Canadian human rights commission for reprinting those cartoons. I know I have spoken with some frustration and even disgust regarding the media, but this man makes me proud to be a citizen of the world and thankful that there are journalists and editors who take their responsibilities seriously.

Below are YouTube videos of the opening and closing statements Mr. Ezra Levant made before the commission, as well as his answer to the question, "What was your intent?"

Opening Statement

"What was your intent?"

Closing Argument

May I be so bold when put to the test, as I'm sure the day is coming even in "the land of the free" when freedoms will be denied and rights be questioned. God willing, I will be one who continues to speak the truth.

Thanks to the Reverend Mike Keith, the Scottish Lutheran, for the heads-up.

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