Thursday, August 20, 2009

GUEST POST: Beer, Brats and Bride IX

From Barb Kavouras

The 9th Annual International Beer, Brats and Princess Bride Watch is quickly approaching and you should begin to make your plans now. I know several on these lists have moved (providing new opportunities to spread this joyous event) and several are new to these lists so a bit of explanation...

What: Princess Bride Watch (either by tape or DVD)

When: Saturday September 19th

Time: 4 p.m. (eastern time zone)

Where: At the neighborhood gathering place (gather some CATsters in your area and designate someone's home)

Accompanied by: Beer (Lutheran beverage and/or root beer for the kiddoes), Brats (bratwurst -- grilled, broiled, boiled with or without sauerkraut) and whatever else your locale decides!

If you haven't seen the movie, Princess Bride, now is the time to experience a movie which will provide you with all the dialogue you need in life : ) If you are not as enthusiastic as you should be, continue to attend the Beer, Brats and Bride and you soon *will* be enthusiastic : ) The rules for this event are fairly fluid -- if there are no other Loopers or TableTalkers in your area, you *may* watch this with just your family or with *gasp* outsiders. But, it is a *must* to watch the movie! *If* you have an aversion to bratwurst (something I can't even begin to imagine) you *may* have grilled hot dogs. *If* you have an aversion to beer (something this German girl surprisingly can imagine) you *may* substitute a different beverage of choice.

You may eat before or after the designated time of the movie but we should all be watching the movie at the same time across the world--Pastor Brockwell...I'm not sure what time this would make it in Finland...perhaps a late night? Marta in England - will this be an English event this year?

Have fun planning your get together. If you are attending in the Cleveland area, let me know by email. Oh yes, one more thing -- Have fun storming the castle!

I will be participating in this. Alas, my wife and children will not, as they will have already left for New York.

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Susan Holowach said...

I happened upon this post because I was trying to figure out what Beer Brats and Bride is!!

Who is Pastor Brockwell in Finland? I ask this because we are hosting a Finnish international student this school year. She is Lutheran.