Friday, December 25, 2009

Once He Came in Blessing

When all was still, and it was midnight, Thy almighty Word, O Lord, descended from the royal throne. -- Wisdom 18:14-15 (Introit for the Nativity of Our Lord)

A blessed and merry Christmas to you and yours! Though the world has completed its celebration of Christmas, for the Church this is only the First Day of Christmas. I pray you have another eleven days of "peace on earth, goodwill toward men".

Tomorrow is the Feast of St. Stephen, Martyr. Stephen is one of my favorite figures in the Bible. His faithful confession, even in the face of death, gave courage to the fledgling Church as she faced persecution and dispersion. May we all be so faithful, Lord.

On a different subject, I submitted one of my hymns, Immanuel-God Dwells With Us, to a Christmas poetry contest held by the Lutheran Writer blog. I was notified today that it was selected as the first place winner! It is an honor to be selected, and I find myself encouraged. Though I've been writing verse for over twenty years now, I've only recently begun writing verse with Biblical themes. The feedback I've received from numerous outlets has been marvelous, and I thank all of you who read this for taking the time to respond as you do.

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