Monday, November 22, 2010

HYMN: God of All Comfort

For John and Mark & Gina, and for Ethan and the Podoll family. Prayers continue to ascend.

God of All Comfort

1. God of all comfort, in need our repose.
Father of mercies--our suff'ring He knows.
In all affliction, Lord, grant us Your peace.
In Your great mercy bid all tumult cease.

2. Christ, great Physician, we call on Your name.
You healed the leper, the blind and the lame.
You know our sorrow, temptation, distress.
Heal all our illness of spirit and flesh.

3. O Holy Spirit, our Comforter, Friend,
Help us be steadfast, should life near its end.
In weakness, remind us of baptismal grace.
When our race is finished, show us Jesus' face.

4. Heavenly Father, who hears all our prayers--
Blessed Lord Jesus, who knows all our cares--
O Holy Spirit--O God, all divine,
Yours is the glory, for Your grace is mine.

(c) Alan Kornacki, Jr.
Irregular Meter
Tune: SLANE (LSB 861)

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