Tuesday, November 16, 2010

HYMN: Lord, Can Sinners Stand Before You

My youth group--at least some of them, for sure--is going to one of the Higher Things gatherings this coming summer.  The theme is Coram Deo, which means "before God".  In other words, how we stand in His presence.  As sinners, standing before God is a horrifying thing, for He is a righteous Judge.  As redeemed of God, we stand before Him bearing Christ's righteousness.

In honor of this theme--though I am in no way officially affiliated with Higher Things, I have written the following text.

Lord, Can Sinners Stand Before You

1. Lord, can sinners stand before You?
How can we behold Your face?
Lord, have mercy, we implore You,
On this wretched, fallen race.
Though created in Your image,
Our first parents disobeyed.
Unto them You spoke this message:
"Into dust you now must fade."

2. Yet You promised them a Savior,
One to crush the serpent's head.
He would win for us Your favor,
Suffer in the sinner's stead.
Christ, the Promise of the ages,
Has fulfilled the Law's demands
And, in bearing all sin's wages,
Puts His grace into our hands.

3. When the demon horde reviles me,
"I am baptized," I can say.
And should Satan still beguile me,
In those waters is my stay.
Lord, to You I make confession:
Sins of thought and word and deed.
I rely on Your salvation.
From sin's bondage I am freed.

4. Now I call on You, O Father,
As the Christ, my Brother, said.
In His holy name we gather,
For He is the Church's Head.
By His Word we here adore You,
For our sins He does forgive.
By His grace we stand before You.
We behold Your face and live.

(c) Alan Kornacki, Jr.
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