Tuesday, October 09, 2012

HYMN: See the Son Arise with Healing

I enjoyed an introvert's holiday today. I spent most of the day huddled in my office, working either silently or with some quiet music playing in the background. I was looking through the Propers for upcoming Sundays in the Church year, and I came upon the Propers for the Second Sunday in Advent. An idea popped into my head to blend the readings together, and I ran with it. As always, any feedback would be appreciated.

See the Son Arise with Healing

1. See the Son arise with healing,
All His righteousness revealing
For the saints who fear His name.
They shall prosper without measure
Who in Christ have found their treasure.
They shall ne’er be put to shame.

2. Sun and moon and all creation
Wait in eager expectation.
Nations rage in deep distress,
For the Son of Man is coming.
With His pow’r the earth is humming.
Lo, He comes to curse and bless.

3. Yet the proud the Lord will chasten.
They have spurned their own salvation
Given by the Lord Most High.
In that day the Christ will snare them.
Cares and drunkenness—beware them,
For the Son of Man comes nigh.

4. Stir our hearts and make them steady,
That we might be ever ready
To prepare Your blameless way.
Cleanse us, Lord, to serve You solely.
Make us humble, pure, and holy
For that great and glorious day.

© Alan Kornacki, Jr.
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