Monday, June 01, 2015

HYMN: O Holy Spirit, Fix Our Eyes on Jesus

It's only taken six months for me to write another hymn. Considering the fact that it took me 35 years to write the first one, six months isn't so bad, I guess. Anyway, this is a Pentecost hymn, one which could also be used as the opening hymn at the beginning of any service.

O Holy Spirit, Fix Our Eyes on Jesus

1. O Holy Spirit, fix our eyes on Jesus,
Who gives forgiveness, all without our merit,
Who died and rose to win for us salvation.
Come, Holy Spirit.

2. O Holy Spirit, sanctify Your people:
Washed in Christ's blood and robed that we may wear it.
Give us right judgment. Help us to be faithful.
Come, Holy Spirit.

3. O Holy Spirit, speak through faithful pastors.
Preach out the Word so all the world may hear it.
Kindle with love the hearts of all Your people.
Come, Holy Spirit.

4. O Holy Spirit, in our grief, give comfort.
We mourn our sin; by grace we need not fear it.
Grant us Your peace and joy in our forgiveness.
Come, Holy Spirit.

5. O Holy Spirit, fill us with the Gospel.
You show us love and teach us how to share it.
Turn ev'ry heart to cling to Christ, our Savior.
Come, Holy Sprit.

(c) 2015 by Alan Kornacki, Jr.
10 10 10 5

Occasion: The Feast of Pentecost
Texts: John 14:23-31, Psalm 104:30, John 15:26

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