Wednesday, February 17, 2016

HYMN: Behold, My Sin Has Killed My Lord

This is a text for Good Friday, based on the Passion History and assembled from various notes in Spangenberg's The Christian Year of Grace (which was translated by Matthew Carver. (Great stuff, Matthew!) Feedback is a blessing.

Behold, My Sin Has Killed My Lord

1. Behold, my sin has killed my Lord!
My thoughts, my words, my actions
Have stood against God's holy Word
And brought about His Passion.
My evil thoughts, the stinging rod
That bruised the flesh of Christ, my God;
My deeds, the nails that pierced Him.

2. Yet God the Father gave His Son,
In mercy did not spare Him.
His death my full atonement won.
Thus did the Father share Him.
How awful, my iniquity!
That Jesus gave His life to be
My life and my salvation.

3. I lay my sins on Jesus Christ
Who bore them without shrinking
As the appointed Sacrifice,
The cup of fury drinking.
His blood has washed my shame away.
I am no longer Satan's prey.
His blood has cleansed my conscience.

4. Lord, keep Your Passion in my sight
When pride and woe assail me.
When my own flesh is weak with fright,
Your cross shall never fail me.
Grant me repentance for my sin.
Turn me from all that I have been
And work good fruit within me.

87 87 887
Occasion: Good Friday/Lent
Text: The Passion (The Christian Year of Grace)

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