Friday, February 26, 2016

HYMN: O Love, Revealed in Flesh

Once again I'm working backwards. (No Polish jokes, please.) Here's a hymn for the first Sunday in Pre-Lent, Quinquagesima. The account of the blind man who cries out to Jesus, "Son of David, have mercy!" is a compelling one, especially when paired with I Corinthians 13 as the Epistle. Love compels Jesus to go to the cross; love compels Him to stop for this blind man. Jesus in the embodiment of the love Paul describes. I tried to capture that in this text. Let me know what you think.

O Love, Revealed in Flesh

1. O Love, revealed in flesh,
All patient, kind, and humble,
Who does not seek to boast
Nor joys to see me stumble:
Have mercy, Lord, I pray!
O Son of David, hear!
I need Your boundless grace.
In perfect love draw near.

2. My sin has made me weak
And shrouds my eyes with blindness.
I know my wretched state;
I merit not Your kindness.
But still I call Your name.
You pause to hear my plea.
You take away my sin
And cause my eyes to see.

3. Restore the eyes of faith
To see true Love extended
Upon the holy cross.
Let me not be offended,
But cry out all the more
To You who makes me see,
Who died in perfect love
To bear my cross for me.

∆ 4. O Christ, incarnate Love,
Whose mercy knows no ending,
You answer every prayer,
Each trespasser befriending.
All praise to You, O Lord;
O Father, glory be,
And to the Holy Ghost:
My God eternally.

76 76 66 66
Occasion: Quinquagesima (LSB 1-year)
Text: Luke 18:31-43; I Corinthians 13

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