Monday, March 28, 2016

HYMN: Behold! The Star Has Led the Way

One of my favorite hymns is "Songs of Thankfulness and Praise," a hymn for the Epiphany of Our Lord. It describes how God has revealed Himself to His people through God in the flesh, Jesus Christ. One of the problems I have as a hymn writer is that I can't imagine writing anything that compares with the great hymns with which the Church has been blessed. Still, the Lord has given me this gift, however humble that gift may be (even if I'm not as humble as my gifts should have me be). I might as well use it, even if it's only for my own devotional use. Anyway, this is a hymn for the Epiphany. Feedback is love.

Behold! The Star Has Led the Way

1. Behold! The star has led the way
To God's own Son made manifest
For heathen wise men, come to pray
And worship Christ, their King confessed.

2. In Bethlehem they found the Boy,
For Holy Scripture led them there.
To honor Him with regal joy
The magi gave Him treasures rare.

3. Though we no longer see a star,
The Word of God itself shall bring
Both Jews and Gentiles, near and far,
To meet the holy infant King.

4. Like Herod, some may live in fear
And seek to silence Christ in shame.
O Light of light, when villains jeer,
Help us confess Your holy name.

5. And let us give You golden faith
With myrrh in works of mercy sweet,
With prayers which rise with every breath
Like incense to the mercy seat.

6. O King of nations, Light of grace,
These humble gifts of faith receive,
And lead us to this holy place
Where wise men seek You and believe.

LM (88 88)
Temporary Tune: WINCHESTER NEW (LSB 441)
Occasion: The Epiphany of Our Lord
Text: Matthew 2:1-12

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