Saturday, March 12, 2016

HYMN: Holy Power, Holy Mercy

Looking at the texts appointed for the Second Sunday After the Epiphany in the Lutheran Service Book 1-year lectionary, it struck me how many times I've focused on the power aspect of the miracle at Cana, of Jesus turning simple water into the finest wine; but I've not always taken to heart the mercy of the miracle: Jesus, whose time had not yet come and who had barely begun His earthly ministry, stepping forward in compassion to answer a simple human need. With that in mind, I penned this text. The first two verses are about Christ as incarnate power and mercy of God, and the third is a prayer. Feedback is life.

Holy Power, Holy Mercy

1. Holy power, holy mercy
Manifest in Christ the Lord.
Jesus, Agent of creation,
Is the true, incarnate Word.
In this first of many wonders
Great compassion Jesus shows.
God in flesh to save His people
Proves His love in human woes.

2. He who knows our every weakness,
He who bears our grief and shame,
He who heeds our supplications
Hears and answers by His name.
At a time of His own choosing,
Though it seems our fears increase,
Christ shall turn our troubled waters
Into wine of sweetest peace.

3. Come, Emmanuel, our Savior,
God of love revealed in man!
As we trust Your mighty mercy,
Open up Your gentle hand.
Every simple gift You give us
Is a foretaste of the grace
Which forever lies before us
When at last we see Your face.

87 87 D
Temporary Tune: Beach Spring (LSB 848)
Note: NEVER EVER to be sung to "Ode to Joy"
Occasion: Epiphany II
Text: John 2:1-12

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