Wednesday, March 23, 2016

HYMN: O Christ, Revealed as God's Own Son

So many people have written hymns about the Baptism of Our Lord that I was hesitant to take up the task myself. How does one cover new ground? It's hard, and I don't know that I have. Others have written about Christ as the Substitute; others have written about how the Father Himself claims Jesus as His Son and is pleased with Christ; others have written about the Spirit's descent on Christ. What I tried to do was to tie these themes together in one text, and combine them in prayer form: a prayer of thanksgiving, a prayer for the presence of Christ within me, a prayer that I may return to the waters of my own Baptism in confession and absolution. 

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O Christ, Revealed as God's Own Son

1. O Christ, revealed as God's own Son
When baptized by the prophet John,
In Jordan's waters You began
To bear the sin of sinful man.
O Friend of sinners, You fulfill
For me the Father's gracious will.

2. O Christ, You opened heaven wide
To usher Your redeemed inside.
The Father, pleased: so says His voice!
Forgiven sinners now rejoice.
Dwell with me there, that I may see
The Father who is pleased with me.

3. O Christ, on whom the Spirit rests,
Sustain me in my many tests.
Give me Your blood-washed robe to wear.
Anoint me with the Spirit there
In that most blest baptismal tide
Which surges from your pierc├Ęd side.

4. O Christ, my sinless Substitute,
Your righteousness to me impute.
You bear my guilt, my sin, my shame
And place on me Your holy name.
Your new creation I will be,
For You have died my death for me.

88 88 88
Temporary tune: ALL EHR UND LOB (LSB 948)
Occasion: Epiphany I/Baptism of Our Lord
Text: Matthew 3:13-17

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