Tuesday, March 15, 2016

HYMN: O Jesus, God in Flesh

I've wrestled with what to do about the 12 year-old Jesus in the Temple. I mean, it's an Epiphany text, but it's not filled with the miraculous. All we see is a glimpse of the Christ in His youth, where His divine power is not apparent. But what we do see is the wisdom which was prophesied. He asked questions, listened to the Teachers in the temple, and demonstrated the wisdom that so many Old Testament prophets foresaw. So I focused on that wisdom as Jesus, the Temple not made by hands, sat in the temple that foreshadowed Him.

O Jesus, God in Flesh

1. O Jesus, God in flesh
To dwell among Your people,
You sat in Zion's walls:
The Temple in the temple.
Teach us to crave Your Word:
To listen and confess,
To seek You, Jesus Christ,
In joy and in distress.

2. O Wisdom, prophesied,
Begotten of the Father
To do the Father's will
Where faithful children gather,
Teach us to cling by faith
To things we cannot see,
To evermore embrace
Your holy mystery.

3. Lord Jesus, God's own Son,
You came for our salvation
And, even in Your youth,
Were living Your vocation.
Bring us to dwell with You,
We faithful two or three,
Abiding in Your gifts
Where You have vowed to be.

67 67 66 66
Occasion: First Sunday After the Epiphany (Historic)
Text: Luke 2:40-52

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