Sunday, March 06, 2016

HYMN: O Lord, the Tempest Rages

The Gospel appointed for the Fourth Sunday After the Epiphany is Matthew 8:23-27. which is the account of the storm on the Sea of Galilee with Jesus asleep and the disciples crying out to Him in terror. In reading up on this pericope, I found it profound how those who commented on the text focused on the truth that the Church Militant's natural condition is to be wind-swept, tossed about, even persecuted. In fact, without the tribulation, the Church becomes frail. Or as once was said, "The blood of the martyrs is the seed of the Church." With all that in mind, I present this text for your consideration.

O Lord, the Tempest Rages

1. O Lord, the tempest rages.
Awaken to my plight!
The boat is tossed and wind-swept
And I am filled with fright.

2. The world is filled with chaos.
The worldly quake in fear.
With me alone as pilot
I will not reach the pier.

3. The storm outside me thunders;
Worse yet, the storm within.
My soul and body tremble
In terror of my sin.

4. My faith is weak and feeble;
True faith all fears subdue.
But even in my anguish
I know to cry to You.

5. You, Christ, alone have power
To calm the wind and waves.
Your Word demands compliance;
Creation then behaves.

6. Oh, grant me faith to trust You
Amid the surging blast,
That I may rest securely
Until the storm is past.

76 76
Tune: RAGING TEMPEST (Original tune with harmonization by Robin D. Fish, Jr., pictured below.)
Occasion: Epiphany IV

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