Tuesday, March 01, 2016

HYMN: Son of God, Revealed in Glory

Here's a hymn for the Transfiguration of Our Lord. It seems as though the disciples don't want to leave the place where they see the Jesus they want: the glorious one. But the Jesus they need is the one who leaves that mountain and goes to the cross, where He bleeds and dies for our forgiveness. 

Son of God, Revealed in Glory 

1. Son of God, revealed in glory,
God of God and Light of Light,
You fulfill Your people's story:
Law and Prophets left and right.
Christ majestic: God of might!

 2. Sinners only seek the mountain
Lit by Your transfigured face.
You instead provide a fountain
 From the cross: a humble grace.
Watered blood redeems our race.

 3. Holy Son of God, we greet You!
Let us dwell in glory here
Or, if in the vale we meet You,
Light our darkness, calm our fear.
In Your Supper draw us near.

 4. Hail, transfigured Jesus, shining!
Drive away the night of sin.
When Your Church for light is pining,
Bare our hearts and beam within.
Let new life in Christ begin!

87 87 47
Temporary Tune: WORCESTER (LSB 506)
Occasion: Transfiguration
Text: Matthew 17:1-9; II Peter 1:19

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