Thursday, May 19, 2016

HYMN: O God of All Compassion

I've had a lot on my mind lately, and it has been a source of distraction and has kept me from being very productive outside of the things which are necessary--things like sermons, sermons, and more sermons. I received a bit of a reprieve today, though I wouldn't have asked for the the events which led to the reprieve. But I decided to take a moment for myself today, and this text is the result. It's based on the readings for the Fourth Sunday After Trinity, where Jesus gives us what may be the most misunderstood text in all of Scripture: "Judge not, and you shall not be judged." Anyway, here it is. Feedback is love. And if you don't like it, don't judge me. *wink*

O God of All Compassion

1. O God of all compassion,
Who calls me by my name,
My sin cries out against me;
My foes announce my shame.
In mercy draw me near.
In every trouble, hide me.
To Your own refuge guide me
And free my heart from fear.

2. Your mercy, holy Father,
A sinner cannot earn,
But for the sake of Jesus
You show Your great concern.
As You in grace forgive,
Let my own heart not harden,
But let me offer pardon,
Confess my sin, and live.

3. O Jesus, righteous Savior,
The sinless Judge of all,
You use for greatest blessing
The evil I befall.
Lead me in charity
So, should my neighbor falter,
I lead Him to Your altar:
Redeemed, forgiven, free.

4. And come, O Holy Spirit:
Oh, come and make me wise,
That I may find and banish
The plank from my own eyes.
Then, Spirit, dwell within,
That I may ever labor
To love and serve my neighbor
And cover all his sin.

© 2016 Alan Kornacki, Jr.
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Occasion: Fourth Sunday After Trinity 

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