Thursday, June 23, 2016

PARODY: LCMS the Beautiful

With the 2016 LCMS Synod Convention coming up next month, I needed to relieve some tension I feel over being a delegate. With all the reading if overtures and resolutions, biographies, and mail from lobbyists, it's really a lot to handle. And complaining about those things takes even more energy. Snark takes effort! Anyway, I vent in rhyme and verse, and I'm pretty sure this one is a doozy destined to go down in infamy! Here's the result: a parody to the tune of "America the Beautiful." Enjoy! Walther did. See that smile! *wink*

LCMS the Beautiful

O beautiful bureaucracy
O'er endless by-laws made 
For district presidents to be
The popes of lesser grade. 
The by-laws reign supreme!
Let's vote to chunk 
That Bible junk
And live the sinner's dream!

O beautiful for heresy
That long goes unaddressed;
For pastors who are cursed to be
Inactives long oppressed. 
Our DP's hands are clean. 
Let's vote to flush 
That doctrine mush
And drop AC 14. 

O beautiful, we tossed the cross
For syncretistic prayer
We prayed when facing tragic loss
To show the world we care. 
Let's show our charity!
Let's go and scrap
That Concord crap
To Satan's lasting glee. 

O beautiful! O God, please send
The Spirit. Make us wise
To keep your Word unto the end
Before our voting eyes. 
Have mercy, Lord, we pray,
And keep us straight 
As we debate
These six exhausting days. 

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