Friday, July 28, 2017

POEM: The Least of These

Not a hymn. Just a poem, but fun anyway. 

The Least of These

Oh, who would be "the least of these":
The "brothers" we despise?
And why do we ignore the Christ 
Who comes in humble guise?

Perhaps it's just the preaching slave
Who comes in Jesus' stead,
And when the Law shows us our shame, 
We hold back daily bread. 

Or maybe, when we want him to
Commune our Druid aunt,
We lose our minds and kick him out
When he says, "No, I can't."

When we, with itching ears, have made
Unreasoning demands,
Why shouldn't we just vote him out,
With Pilate wash our hands?

Have mercy, Christ, on those who claim
To praise and worship You, 
Yet treat Your stewards shamefully.
Their words do not ring true.

Lord, grant us faithful hearts to love  
The pastors You provide,
To listen to the Word they preach
And cast them not aside.

(c) 2017, Alan Kornacki, Jr.

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