Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Family news

Today we received an official diagnosis for my son: autism. This came as no surprise to us, as we've been pursuing and receiving therapy as if we were already sure. Nonetheless, there is both a bit of relief and a bit of worry that comes with the official word.

Michael turns three in less than a month (as does his sister, Molly). On that day he officially ages out of the program called "Early Steps", through whom we have been receiving much of his therapy. With the official diagnosis, we should be able to maintain at least some of that therapy, but we'll be working with the school system for the rest. This is not exactly comforting, as Louisiana has the worst education rating in the United States. But we're hoping that what we'll be keeping will be making up for what the school system lacks. (Of course, a Call to somewhere with a better school system and more options for therapy would be nice.)

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Fr. Gregory Hogg said...

God give you grace and wisdom as you deal with this, Pr. Kornacki. And you might want to be in touch with Pr. Petersen from Ft. Wayne, if you aren't already. I think he has an autistic son as well.

In Christ,

Fr. Gregory