Sunday, September 06, 2009

Lord Jesus Christ, the Church's Head

Having recently begun my tenth year as a pastor, and having witnessed recently more and more pastors being forcibly removed from the parishes to which they have been Called to serve, I decided I wanted to try my hand at writing a hymn which gives glory to God, asking Him to keep pastors faithful to the their callings and asking Him to strengthen congregations to treat their pastors as precious gifts from God. (That's quite a sentence, if I do say so myself!) I have to school myself not to repeat words and themes from verse to verse, because, as you can see, I used the word "Word" a lot—not necessarily a bad thing, but that's a lot of repetition for a relatively short hymn. Anyway, here it is. Critiques are welcome and encouraged. Feel free to use, share, or rip apart . . . as long as you give proper attribution and glory to God.

Lord Jesus Christ, the Church's Head

1. Lord Jesus Christ, the Church's head,
Keep faithful those who, in Your stead,
Forgive the sins and preach the same
To all who call upon Your name.
(refrain) Lord Jesus Christ, build up Your sons
To preach Your Word to everyone.

2. As You rose up to God's right hand,
You gave th'apostles Your command
To make disciples by Your Word:
"Baptize and teach them all you've heard." (refrain)

3. Today into Your harvest field
You call men Your own Word to wield
As stewards of Your mysteries—
But not the ears of men to please. (refrain)

4. The world has no desire to hear
The message that Your Kingdom nears.
Help pastors to preach faithfully
So all the world Your grace shall see. (refrain)

5. Equip Your Church for righteousness.
Give pastors courage to address
The sins of those who won't repent,
Despising Word and Sacrament. (refrain)

6. Lead Christians all, dear Lord, to hear
And cherish pastors You bring near,
Who preach the Gospel, e'er the same,
And glorify Your holy name. (refrain)

(c) Alan Kornacki, Jr.
Long Meter and Refrain (88 88 refrain)
Suggested Tune: MAGDALEN
(My Hope Is Built on Nothing Less—LSB 575)

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