Thursday, December 02, 2010

HYMN: Fear Not, O Virgin Mild

We find ourselves once again in the season of Advent, a penitential season in which we prepare our hearts to receive the Christ who came as a humble infant, who comes to us in His holy gifts, and who will come again in glory to judge both the living and the dead.  Though we in the one-year series of readings find ourselves focusing a great deal on the return of Christ in glory this week, we also cannot help but look back to the first Advent, as the angels appeared to Mary, Joseph, Zechariah, and the shepherds, telling them to "fear not", bearing tidings of great joy to them.  This hymn text focuses on these visitations.

The tune for this text, Yigdal, is not exactly known as an Advent tune.  It is most famous for the hymn "The God of Abraham Praise".  Nonetheless, I believe the text seems to fit the tune fairly well.

Fear Not, O Virgin Mild

1.  Fear not, O virgin mild—
Dear Mary, favored maid—
For you will bear the holy Child
For whom Eve prayed.
Your Child shall conquer death:
The Life, by all confessed.
Rejoice, O Mary, child of faith
Forever blessed.

2.  Fear not, King David’s son:
O Joseph, just and true.
The nurture of the Promised One
Belongs to you.
Take Mary as your wife;
Your righteousness remains.
This Child shall be the Lord of life
And bear all sins.

3.  Fear not, you faithful priest—
Good Zechariah, hear:
Your son proclaims, “The Lamb’s high feast
Has now come near.”
The hearts of men shall sway.
The prophet has foretold
He will prepare Messiah’s way
Through preaching bold.

4.  Fear not, O shepherds brave.
Rejoice to hear this Word;
For born to you—born all to save—
Is Christ the Lord.
Like you, He guards His sheep.
He claims them as His own.
Go, seek Him where the cattle sleep:
His manger throne.

5. Fear not, O saints.  Rejoice!
The Savior now is here.
Lift up your head and raise your voice
For all to hear
The triumph song begun,
As saints and angel host
Sing, “Glory to the Father, Son
And Holy Ghost.”

© Alan Kornacki, Jr.
6684 D
Tune: YIGDAL (LSB 798)

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