Thursday, December 16, 2010

REVIEW: "Faith, Alone" by D.M. Davidson

I'm not usually one to advertise merchandise--at least, not when it's not my own--but I felt I should share this with y'all.  One of my former parishioners from North Dakota has participated in National Novel Writing Month for the past few years, and she has stepped forward to do what I have not yet been brave enough to do: publish her first novel.  She has written a book titled Faith, Alone and published it under the name D.M. Davidson.

Faith, Alone is the story of Sara Curtis, a high school senior who is struggling with her place--in high school, in the Church, in life.  Her friends don't understand her; her classmates abuse her; and she is hard on herself.  In other words, she's a fairly typical teenager.  In addition to that, her parents barely pay attention to her, and when she discusses college with them, they do not support her choice at all.  This tale follows Sara through her senior year as she struggles to live a sanctified life, questioning God and herself.

This would be a good book to share with a Christian teen.  I can't say I was blessed to have the kind of experiences Sara ends up having, but I do know that it is a story that could be (and has been) a true story for many.  The book smacks of reality, though it be fiction, and the author has captured the high school experience.  It's about the sanctified life of faith without sounding like it was written by a cult member.  I'd give this book three thumbs up . . . as long as someone will lend me a thumb. 

Click this link to order a copy at the reasonable price of $12 plus shipping and handling.  You won't be disappointed.

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