Friday, March 04, 2011

HYMN: Faithful Shepherd, All Providing

After a two-month dry spell, two hymns in a week? It might be more impressive if this one had better flow. For some reason I've always hesitated to tackle Psalm 23--there are some topics that I've always felt it would be presumptuous for me to approach as a fledgling writer--but last night in the space of about 45 minutes, this simple paraphrase jumped out of me. Perhaps the haste is a message I shouldn't overlook. Nevertheless, here we go.

Faithful Shepherd, All Providing

1. Faithful Shepherd, all providing--
By the placid waters guiding
To green pastures for my rest--
He restores my soul; He feeds me
And in holiness He leads me
By His name, forever blest.

2. Though through death's dark vale I wander,
Though Satanic foes may thunder,
Yet no evil will I fear.
With the rod by which He pries me
Endless comfort He supplies me.
Christ my Shepherd guards me here.

3. Though my enemies surround me,
With His table He astounds me.
His abundant gifts provide.
All my life His grace avails me.
Lo, His mercy never fails me.
With Him ever I abide.

(c) Alan Kornacki, Jr.
887 887

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