Monday, October 03, 2011

HYMN: Lord Jesus, Dwelling with Us

The Gospel for the Fourteenth Sunday After Trinity is St. Luke 17:11-17. As I was working on my sermon, I thought about Jesus and how He is the Priest to whom the Samaritan leper shows himself after Jesus heals him. The Samaritan could not have showed himself to the priest in the Temple; as a Samaritan he was unclean by birth. Yet in faith he showed himself to Jesus, the true High Priest. That popped this hymn idea into my head. As research I also delved into Leviticus 14, which explains the ritual for cleansing healed lepers. Here we go . . .

Lord Jesus, Dwelling With Us

1. Lord Jesus, dwelling with us:
Immanuel, Most High,
The Father’s love you give us.
Redemption You bring nigh.
Have mercy, holy Jesus.
Your healing work begin.
From leprosy release us:
The leprosy of sin.

2. O holy Priest, now cleanse us
With sacrificial blood.
From Satan’s wiles defend us.
Defeat his viper brood.
Have mercy, holy Jesus.
In Your great love draw near.
No more can Satan please us.
Our Savior now is here.

3. O Lamb of God, anointed
As offering for sin,
You are the one appointed
Our peace with God to win.
Have mercy, holy Jesus.
Preserve our souls from hell.
“Be free of sin’s diseases;
Your faith has made you well.

4. O Temple for the nations,
In mercy hear our prayer.
Lord, grant Your full salvation
To all whom You draw near.
Have mercy, holy Jesus.
Our thankful hearts we raise.
Your boundless mercy frees us
To sing Your endless praise.

(c) Rev. Alan Kornacki, Jr.
76 76 D
Tune: ANTHES (LSB 527) or EWING (LSB 672)

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