Thursday, May 08, 2014

HYMN: The Ransomed Shall Return

It had been over a year since I'd written a hymn, a fact which I've found increasingly distressing. I went to a hymnwriter's conference, and all of a sudden I couldn't write a hymn to save my soul. (It's a good thing I don't have to!) 

But the drought has ended...or at least, a little rain has fallen. This past weekend I attended a hymnody workshop hosted by Pastor Kirk Clayton and Zion Lutheran Church in Mascoutah, Illinois. The Reverend William Weedon, LCMS International Center Chaplain and the LCMS Director of Worship, was the presenter. His presentation opened with a quote from Isaiah 51:11a, which reads, "So the ransomed of the Lord shall return, and come to Zion with singing." That inspired me, and I immediately noted it in my notebook.

After feverish scribbling and a lot of prayer, this is what I've come up with. It's a very rough first draft, but I'm geeking over the fact that I've actually written something again. Your feedback is welcome and would be appreciated. By the way, Isaiah 51:9-16 is the OT reading for Trinity 24 in the one-year lectionary.

The Ransomed Shall Return

1. The ransomed shall return.
Rejoice, O Zion—sing!
Redemption’s price for which you yearn
Is paid by Christ, your King.

2. Sing anthems to the Lord,
Your Rock of righteousness.
Find comfort in His holy Word,
In Him Who comes to bless.

3. The King shall make you whole.
His body and His blood
Will recreate your sin-parched soul
The garden of the Lord.

4. No more shall sorrow reign.
Your sighs shall flee away,
For your salvation shall remain
Though all the earth decay.

  5. All glory to the Lamb,
Who sets God’s people free,
With Father, Spirit—great I AM—
For all eternity.

© 2014, Alan Kornacki, Jr.
SM (66 86)
Tune: ST. THOMAS (LSB 814)

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