Wednesday, September 23, 2015

HYMN: Jerusalem, Christ Weeps for You

Since I like to work well ahead of the need, here's my latest hymn. It's based on the readings for Trinity X in the LSB 1-year lectionary--especially the Gospel text, Luke 19:41-48, where Jesus weeps over Jerusalem and then clears the Temple of the moneychangers. Since this past Sunday was Trinity XVI, there's nearly a year to make changes if you have any suggestions for improving this text. Anyway, here it is.

Jerusalem, Christ Weeps for You 

1. Jerusalem, Christ weeps for you.
Behold your visitation!
Your debt for faithlessness is due
In awful devastation,
For Christ alone can bring you peace.
From blood has purchased your release.
But lo, you would not know Him.

2. Lord Jesus, with baptismal tears
You bathe us for salvation.
You are the Christ, the God who hears
Our ev'ry supplication.
O visit us with lavish grace,
Do not avert Your holy face,
But hide us in Your shelter.

3. Children of God, repent and live,
For Christ has come to save you.
Cry out to Him. In faith receive
The blessings which He gave you.
O hear the judgment of the Lord.
Do not reject His holy Word.
He is your vindication.

 (c) 2015 Alan Kornacki Jr.
87 87 887
Occasion: Trinity X (LSB 1-year)

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