Friday, October 02, 2015

HYMN: Hear, O Lord, My Anguished Cry

Between the mass-murder in Oregon and other events yesterday and lately, my heart and mind have been heavy. I was brooding over Psalm 86, particularly verses 1 and 14. This is the first draft resulting from those broodings:

Hear, O Lord, My Anguished Cry
(written on the occasion of the mass-murder 
at Umpqua Community College in Oregon)

1. Hear, O Lord, my anguished cry.
Sin and death have brought me grief.
To Christ's holy wounds I fly:
Water, blood, my great relief.
Send Your Spirit! Dry my tears!
Answer me, O God who hears!

2. Hear, O Lord, my fervent prayer
For my neighbor and for me.
Evil seeks me everywhere.
My own flesh won't let me be.
I am weak; temptation nears.
Strengthen me, O God who hears!

3. Hear, O Lord. My own words fail.
In Your Word I find my rest.
Do not let the world prevail.
Do not leave Your child oppressed.
Shield me from the demon jeers.
Shelter me, O God who hears!

4. Hear, O Lord. I call Your name.
You alone I trust for peace.
Though the devil seeks my shame,
You cause all my fears to cease.
Even when my own death nears,
I will praise the God who hears.

(c) 2015, Alan Kornacki, Jr.
77 77 77
Occasion: Persecution, Temptation

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