Thursday, December 05, 2019

HYMN: Lord Jesus Christ, On You I Wait

As I continue to run back through the texts I wrote for the 1-year lectionary, one Sunday for which I found my first text inadequate was the Last Sunday of the Church Year. It's not a bad text, but I felt it was weak. So I decided to try again. Instead of focusing on the Gospel appointed for that Sunday, I looked at the Epistle: I Thessalonians 5:1-12. The themes of darkness and slumber and their opposites caught my eye, along with the Day of Judgment, of course. Paul's words to the Thessalonians are full of comfort, and I hope my text reflects that.

Anyway, because I only really like three of the tunes for the CMD meter (86 86 86 86), I also wrote an original tune for the text, called "FAITH ALLISON" in honor of my wife. Robin Fish, who has written original tunes for me and has harmonized others, wrote accompaniment for the tune.

Lord Jesus Christ, On You I Wait

1. Lord Jesus Christ, on You I wait.
In You I put my trust.
Oh, save me from the sinner’s fate
When I return to dust.
The Day is surely drawing near:
The great and awesome Day
When faithless fools will quake in fear
While saints make glad display.

2. The Judgment Day is soon, I know.
The end is coming fast.
The signs and wonders surely show
The pledge fulfilled at last.
You spread Your grace abundantly
In paying sin’s dread price.
You died my death and set me free:
A cross-borne sacrifice.

3. The world denies that You will come,
Indulging lust and sin.
They scorn the Word and soon succumb.
Corruption burns within.
The deeds of darkness dim their eyes.
In ignorance they sleep.
Then You will come to their surprise.
The death they sowed, they reap.

4. Temptation, doubt, despair, and death
Assault me and assail.
Oh, shield me with baptismal faith;
Your grace will never fail.
Forbid that I should slumber, Lord,
In false security.
But keep me steadfast in Your Word
To trust You patiently.

5. “Lo, I am coming soon,” You say.
Your Word is firm and clear.
“Lord Jesus, quickly come!” I pray.
I know the Day is near.
And as I wait expectantly,
Awake and in Your light,
Your body and Your blood shall be
My comfort and delight.

© 2019, Alan Kornacki, Jr.
CMD (86 86 86 86)
Occasion: Last Sunday of the Church Year; End Times

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