Saturday, January 09, 2021

HYMN: Consumed by Flame, the Weary World

I don’t think it’s hyperbole to say that the events of the last few days have caused many to despair over the future of the United States of America. No matter where one lands on the political spectrum—as an independent voter, it’s hard for me to say where I land on it—it seems like there have been plentiful reasons to be concerned about the state of the nation and the doings of its officials. Christians are citizens of the Kingdom of God, and yet we are also called upon to participate in the doings of the world as citizens of the nations in which we live.

I’m wrestling with my place in this new world where fear, censorship, and mob rule are the norm. While my pastor heart stands guard over the sheep God has placed in my care as they face increasing enmity from the powers that be, even now I lay that concern at the feet of Jesus, knowing that all things are in His all-powerful hands, knowing that He will use all things for the good of His children.

That’s what this hymn text is intended to do: to lay my cares on Jesus, to place my trust in Him, so that I do not despair.

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Consumed by Flame, the Weary World

1. Consumed by flame, the weary world
Awaits its true and only King. 
While tyrants rage with insults hurled,
God’s holy children pray and sing. 

2. We pray for peace. We surely know
The worldly give no lasting peace. 
The faithless offer endless woe
With malice surely to increase. 

3. And yet the faithful sing for joy.
Our legacy is peace in Christ:
A birthright death cannot destroy
From Jesus who was sacrificed. 

4. While nations fall and banners burn;
While kings their subjects’ trust betray,
The faithful pray for Christ’s return
Upon the Last and greatest Day. 

5. Until we see our King appear,
We trust no prince but Christ alone. 
And as the Day draws ever near,
We yearn to meet before His throne. 

6. Dear King of kings, oh, end the strife
And make our sad divisions cease. 
We beg you, Jesus, Lord of life,
To give us true and lasting peace.

(c) 2021 Alan Kornacki, Jr.
LM (88 88)
Occasion: The World, National Discord


PrMaag said...

Very fine hymn, Alan! I took the liberty of putting text and tune together for you.

Blessed Epiphany!

Pastor Gerhard Maag

Jeff McQuistan said...

Having hope in hopeless times
Is what your message says to me.
The world is fraught with lies and crimes;
In Christ we'll have eternity.

Thank you for expressing what the faithful are feeling and need to be reminded of.

Unknown said...

Do I have permission to use this?

Rev. Alan Kornacki, Jr. said...

Unknown—Yes. All I ask is that the text remains unchanged and you include the copyright info.