Thursday, June 03, 2021

HYMN: Shine, O Christ, Our Light in Darkness

Last year, while everything was shut down, I wrote a text asking the Lord to sustain us during our pandemic diaspora. Well, now that things are starting to open up again, I was asked to write a text about our return to normalcy after the tragedy of the pandemic. This is my attempt to answer the request. As I wrote, I had Matthew 10:28 in mind: “Do not be afraid of those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. Rather, be afraid of the one who can destroy both soul and body in hell.” It seems as though there are many who are so afraid of dying of the virus that they neglect their spiritual nourishment. 

As always, feedback is love.

Shine, O Christ, Our Light in Darkness

1. Shine, O Christ, our Light in darkness.

Shine with Your unearthly light.

Overwhelmed, Your people call You,

Wearied by our daily fight.

Going forth from tribulation,

We cry out to You, O Lord, 

Praying You bring joy from sadness,

Praying for Your peace restored.

2. Lord, we fear what ails our bodies,

Terrified of earthly death.

Help us trust Your mighty mercy

To sustain our ev’ry breath.

Grant us courage! Grant us wisdom,

Lord of life, to praise Your name,

Fearless in the face the peril,

Free from sorrow, free from shame.

3. We, Your saints, seek blest communion,

Fellowship, we two or three:

Gathered in Your name, O Jesus, 

Where You condescend to be.

Bring Your children back together.

Grace us with Your gifts divine:

Purified in holy water,

Fed on You with bread and wine.

4. Shine, O Christ, our Light in darkness.

Send the night of dread away.

Calm our doubt and anxious trembling.

Hold the fear of death at bay.

Send to us Your Holy Spirit:

Helper, Comforter, and Friend,

Till that Day we rise, perfected,

To the joy which knows no end.

87 87D (Pick a tune)

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