Thursday, February 12, 2015

HYMN: Lord Jesus Christ, Your Love Has Covered Sin

The Southern Illinois District of the Lutheran Church--Missouri Synod is meeting this weekend for its 57th Regular Convention. The theme is "Above All Love One Another," drawn from I Peter 4:7-11. I was asked to write a hymn based on that theme, and this text is the result. Though this was written in November of 2014, I didn't want to post it until it was premiered at the actual convention for its intended audience and use. Now that it has been used for its intended purpose, I'm ready to make it public here. 
Click here for an audio recording of the assembly at the convention singing the hymn.

Lord Jesus Christ, Your Love Has Covered Sin 

1. Lord Jesus Christ, Your love has covered sin.
You bear in mercy all that we regret.
Teach us to love. O Savior, enter in,
So we ourselves forgive our neighbor's debt.

2. Upon the cross You bore our sins to death.
Mercy poured out in water and in blood.
Teach us to watch until our final breath
And cling alone to Your redeeming flood.

3. You call Your Church to serve in every place.
You give us gifts of love for word and deed.
Teach us to serve as stewards of your grace,
To honor You and fill our neighbors' need.

4. Lo, now the end of days is close at hand.
Flesh turns to dust and time will flee away.
Teach us to pray that all in faith may stand
As we await that great and glorious day.

∆5. Jesus, in love You died to cover sin.
Father, in love You gave Your only Son.
Spirit of life, You dwell as love within.
All glory, Triune God, while ages run.

© 2014 Alan Kornacki, Jr.

And click here for a link to an alternate tune by the Reverend Robert Mayes.


John said...

Beautiful text! The audio link, though, goes to a sermon excerpt.

Rev. Alan Kornacki, Jr. said...

John, thank you. I think I have it fixed.