Monday, February 01, 2016

HYMN: Feed Me, Master, Son of David

It's been a while since I wrote one of these. But since I was able to get my whole Lenten sermon series finished during my hiatus--not to mention two funerals and a bunch of hospital visits--I don't feel too bad. Anyway, this text is based on the readings for the Second Sunday in Lent, particularly Matthew 15:21-28. The idea of the begging dog who doesn't belong at the table really hits home with me, and I wanted to capture that.

Feed Me, Master, Son of David

1. Feed me, Master, Son of David!
Do not let me be ashamed.
I, Your dog, am weak with hunger.
Satan seeks to stake his claim.
Oh, have mercy, Lord, and help me!
Save me by Your holy name.

2. Though in sin I merit nothing,
I desire Your goodness still.
I will bark and beg and whimper.
Let Your holy morsels spill.
With mere crumbs Your love can feed me.
With Your crumbs I eat my fill.

3. In my weakness I will seek you.
Hear my poor and anguished plea.
I will cling and not release you
'Til you bless and pity me.
I will be Your dog forever;
Evermore my Master be.

87 87 87
Temporary Tune: SIEH, HIER BIN ICH (LSB 353)
Occasion: Lent II (LSB 1-year)
Text: Matthew 15:21-28

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