Monday, February 22, 2016

HYMN: The Master Sends the Call

The work continues on my project to write a hymn for every Sunday in the 1-year lectionary. This text is appointed for Septuagesima, the first Sunday in the season of Pre-Lent. Pre-Lent is like when you're getting ready to go on a trip. Lent is the trip; Pre-Lent is packing for the trip, setting your itinerary, and all those other things you do before you go. Pre-Lent is preparation for the repentant Lenten journey to the cross with Christ. Anyway, feedback is always welcome. The first verse is an overview, and the rest is prayer.

The Master Sends the Call

1. The Master sends the call,
"Come labor, one and all,"
His gracious offer sending
From dawn 'til day is ending.
He summons His creation:
To each his own vocation.

2. O Lord, my soul is bared.
My guilt has been declared.
My work is cold and feeble,
All tainted by my evil.
The sin that I inherit
Means death is all I merit.

3. I waste the precious day.
You call me anyway
To spend my time in labor.
Oh, what a gracious favor!
No longer am I guessing
If I must earn Your blessing.

4. I snivel 'til the end,
Yet still You call me "friend."
My greed may seek to shake me,
But You will not forsake me.
Self-righteous foes accuse me;
In love You call and choose me.

5. O gracious Master, hear!
I call to You in prayer.
Oh, keep me true and humble,
Lest I be found to grumble.
Whenever You recruit me,
The wage You give shall suit me.

66 77 77
Occasion: Septuagesima
Texts: Matthew 20:1-16; Psalm 130:1; Psalm 9:9-10

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