Wednesday, February 17, 2016

HYMN: O Lamb of God by Man Betrayed

I've slowly been working on my project of writing hymns for the 1-year lectionary. This is an offering for Maundy Thursday. It focuses on Christ as the Passover Lamb whose blood marks us for salvation. Feedback is always appreciated. I will need to come back to this one, as it's not my strongest work, but I think it's a start on which I can build.

O Lamb of God By Man Betrayed

1. O Lamb of God by man betrayed,
Abandoned in disdain,
Your blood my debt of sin has paid:
Your blood and bitter pain.

2. You feed me with Your holy blood
And flesh: a banquet sweet!
And in that rich, forgiving flood
Is holy love complete.

3. Your blood is evermore a sign,
A seal to bar the way.
You mark me with that brand divine,
And death is held at bay.

4. O Lamb of God, my great High Priest,
You bleed and so forgive.
Forever be my holy Feast
That I may eat and live.

Tune: DETROIT (LSB 843)
Occasion: Maundy Thursday
Text: Exodus 12:1-14; I Corinthians 11:23-32

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