Saturday, September 24, 2016

PARODY: We Know a Lovely Story

It's been a while since I've written a parody, but this one could get me in trouble. It's not always good to lampoon an old favorite, but the irony of the song is just begging to be redone. Apparently the four verses we sing so loudly are only the beginning of the hymn, which goes on to summarize the Gospel. (Imagine that!) But since we don't sing the actual Gospel part, here it is.

We Know a Lovely Story
(Parody of "I Love to Tell the Story")

1. We know a lovely story
Of Jesus and His love:
He set aside His glory,
Descending from above,
To die for our transgressions
And rise to give us life.
To Him we make confession
And cling to Him in strife. (Refrain)

(Refrain) I love to hear the story.
The facts are mandatory.
So tell me Jesus' story:
His death and life for all.

2. Some sing about this Jesus
With voices clear and bold.
But though the singing pleases,
The story's never told.
The irony is stunning--
Alanis, listen, kid!--
For, though their song is running,
The Gospel light is hid. (Refrain)

3. Oh, it would be so easy
To sing a story song
That's not so very cheesy,
Nor must it be so long,
Which tells the story clearly
Of Christ the crucified,
Who held us all so dearly
That for us all he died. (Refrain)

4. So if you sing the story,
No need to sing with fear.
That tale, so proud and hoary,
Your neighbor needs to hear.
All praise to Christ, our Savior,
Our Lord, the Crucified.
His death, our Father's favor;
His life, new life supplied. (Refrain)

76 76D with refrain

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Robin D Fish Jr said...

Yeah, that irony hasn't escaped me. Thanks for correcting it, even with a touch of tongue-in-cheek.