Friday, April 24, 2020

HYMN: O Lord, My Soul Is Overcome

In His infinite love and mercy, the Lord gathered to himself a beloved friend and parental figure this week. Mary is the wife of my vicarage bishop (internship overseer for the uninitiated). The year I spent under her husband’s care was one of the best years of my life, and part of the reason the year went so well was that I became part of this wonderful family. I’ve traveled to be with the family, coronavirus be damned. I needed to be here. 

I wrote a hymn text in memory of Mary. I didn’t have a particular Biblical text in mind, but Easter is fresh in my head (as you can tell from my nod to “At the Lamb’s High Feast We Sing”), as is my grief. Obviously it’s not profound. So be it. It also needs a new tune. 

O Lord, My Soul Is Overcome
(In memory of Mary Scharff)

1. O Lord, my soul is overcome.
My eyes are drenched with bitter tears.
In grace You called my loved one home
Whom I have loved these many years.

2. Your will, my God, I know is best,
But still my grief is hard to bear.
I cry aloud. I beat my breast
And seek the Lord of life in prayer.

3. I seek the comfort of Your grace
With faith that death cannot destroy.
With certain hope I lift my face
To find in You my Easter joy.

4. I beg You, wipe my tear-stained eyes.
You promised; I believe and trust.
The horn will sound; the dead will rise,
No more to rest as ash and dust.

5. As I await that great Last Day
When sorrow, pain, and death shall cease,
Oh, send Your Spirit, Lord, I pray
To be my deep and lasting peace.

(c) 2020 Alan Kornacki, Jr.
LM (88 88)
Temporary Tune: WINDHAM (LSB 429)

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