Friday, April 01, 2011

Guest Post: The Lutheran Blog Carnival

I do not have a sermon to post this week.  I decided that my people don't actually need to hear a sermon this week, so we're just going to talk about our feelings and maybe sing the Edelweiss Benediction--copyright be damned! Just kidding.  My district president is coming to Campbell Hill to preach this week, which means I didn't have to write a sermon for Sunday.

Since I don't have a sermon to share, I thought I'd pass along a link instead.  Pastor Alex Klages, a brother of mine from the best seminary in North America--I may be a little biased there--decided to renew an old Lutheran blogging practice called the Lutheran Carnival of Blogs.  You pick a topic and invite a bunch of Lutherans to write about it.  The topic this time is "Lent", and Pastor Klages is hosting the Blog Carnival on his blog, A Beggar at the Table. Thank you very much, Pastor Klages, for giving me a weekend blog post.  *wink*  Click here to go to the Carnival.

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