Thursday, August 12, 2021

UPDATE HYMN: Promised Rest Awaits the Weary

As I sit here in my hospital room, my body dealing with the ravages of Covid, a brother pastor has blessed me with a gift. He had written an original tune and arrangement for one of my original texts, Promised Rest Awaits the Weary. And what a lovely tune it is. The Reverend Robert Mayes is one of my most prolific composers, and this is, in my opinion, the best tune he has composed for me. I’ll include my text and then a picture of his arrangement. Thank you, Pastor Mayes! Perfect timing; I needed this comfort.

Promised Rest Awaits the Weary
Inspired by the Doxology Retreat in Wichita, Kansas
September 28-30, 2020

1. Promised rest awaits the weary,
Burdened by the daily test.
“Come to Me, you heavy laden;
I will give you holy rest.”
You who face the battle’s fray
Serving Christ from day to day,
Christ in mercy will befriend you,
Sending angel hosts to tend you.

2. Saints are wearied by their labor
Fighting with the devil’s horde.
You shall savor Bread from heaven 
In the Body of the Lord.
“Come and find your rest in Me
Underneath Elijah’s tree.
Rise to eat! This Bread sustains you
Through the strife which harms and drains you.”

3. “I have chosen you, My servant.
I will not cast you away. 
Trust in Me and pray in earnest.
Do not let your fear hold sway.”
Then, beneath the holy cross,
As you bear your shame and loss,
In His arms Christ will enfold you.
By His Blood He will uphold you.

(c) 2020
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REQUIEM PROMISERAT (Original Robert Mayes tune: see below) or
Cross and Comfort; Tentatio; Anfechtung; I Kings 19; Isaiah 41:10; Matthew 11:28

And this audio file might work, too.

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