Wednesday, February 05, 2020

HYMN: O Lord, I Lift My Soul to You

In the process of writing texts for every Sunday of the Church Year in the 1-Year Lectionary, I've written some which I considered to be of lesser quality, and others I've found difficult to sing. My text for the First Sunday in Advent, Hosanna, Mighty Savior, Come, was more of the latter than the former. Before I (self-)publish my texts, I'm trying to fill in some of the holes, strengthen some texts, write new texts to replace others. This text combines bits from all the readings and Propers for Advent I and addresses both our Lord's entry into Jerusalem and His return in glory on the last Day. Feedback is love.

O Lord, I Lift My Soul to You

O Lord, I lift my soul to You.
I wait for Your salvation.
As Zion’s joyful children do,
I cry in acclamation:
Hosanna, David’s greater Son,
My righteous Lord, the blesséd One.

The peril of my sin is great.
The devil would enslave me.
I trust in You. I hope. I wait.
I beg You, come and save me.
My Jesus, come! Your people free
From guilt and Satan’s tyranny.

The night of death will soon be past,
Putting to death my lusting.
My joy shall wake with dawn at last,
Your Word most surely trusting.
This present dark shall pass away,
As You, my Light, bring endless day.

The day shall surely come, my Lord:
The day of Your returning.
I shall be made anew, restored,
Your Word no longer spurning.
Oh, come, my humble Savior King
With mercy You alone can bring.

© 2020, Alan Kornacki, Jr.
87 87 88
Advent I; The Last Day

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